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 Brienne and Jaime Lannister - Once again those 2 steal the show.  Every week I can’t seem to choose between the Jaime / Brienne combo or Daenerys, but the fight between the bear and the maiden fair was by far the most exhilarating scene of "Game Of Thrones" to date, not because it was necessarily or overly violent, rather because it was action that was perfectly necessary and in no way gratuitous - which is the kind of action I can appreciate!

 Daenerys - Those dragons have really gotten pretty big.  Also, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Daenerys for the millionth time because she is on a crusade to free slaves and gain a reputation of justice ( KINDA LIKE SPARTACUS ).  This is a queen I can get behind.

 Tyrion, Shae, Margaery and Sansa - I know that these were two separate scenes but the content was the same.  For all intents and purposes I believe that this is the best possible deal that either Tyrion and Sansa could hope for;  Sure, Tyrion has to deal with the jealous Shae and marry a woman far too young for him and similarly, Sansa has to marry a man she has ZERO ATTRACTION TO.  But for all it’s worth, he will certainly be kind to her and they will each be wed to prominent households.  Aside from the interpersonal ickiness, this is a winning situation all around.

 Tywin and Joffrey - I have been waiting for Joffrey and Tywin to have a scene together all season. The scene was everything I could have dreamed of and more because despite the child - king’s body being sat squarely on the throne, the true ruler of King’s Landing made his presence known with body language and facetious answers TO HIS GRACE’S QUESTIONING ( someone got put in his place..lol!!! ).

 Gendry and Melisandre - Well, I’m glad that we’ve finally said that Gendry is a Baratheon out loud, but this wasn’t some kind of big reveal.  I’m also glad to hear more about Melissandre’s character other than that she’s a very horney priestess.  Seriously, I love female characters whose sole purposes are to get naked, have sexposition, and desperately try to get a baby in them.  So Melissandre was once a slave until the Lord of Light called to her.  Cool, I can get behind that.

 Arya Stark - Ummm, now Arya’s been trapped by the Hound.  I liked her whole speech about Death being her One True God and I am curious about the darkness stirring inside of this young child.

 Jon Snow and Ygritte - After the previous six power rankings....I start to get bored.  I’m seriously ready for the Wildlings to have more to say to Jon other than comments about his sexuality.  As of now they truly are a one - dimensional bunch, although I’m warming to Ygritte ever so slowly, ( MAJOR SPOILER!!!!! ALTHOUGH SHE DIES VERY SOON!!! )

 Bran Stark - There's this kid who’s feeding him information.  This whole storyline is so poorly constructed that it’s impossible to side with anyone;  The information is all over the place and the characters barely say enough for me to be invested in them whatsoever.

 Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr - Doom is on the horizon for poor old Robb

 Theon Greyjoy - Is getting all sorts of fucked up...and I can´t say I didn't see this coming...All in all this episode was far better than the last 2, but as I have mentioned a million times...this is building up to something greater storywise.....This was a good episode....WATCH IT BELOW...WHILE IT LASTS.

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