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 ( IN FULL - ENGLISH ) "SECOND SONS":  I have to begin with what is best described as a Westeros wedding, and the most awkward one imaginable at that;  In a humiliating ceremony at King’s Landing, Tyrion Lannister ended up becoming the husband to Sansa Stark.  There was a rather sweet scene in here as we saw him express just how badly he did not actually want to go through this very thing.  Unfortunately, he really did not have any choice in the end.

 So then let's recap the events of tonights episode shall we?

 Melisandre – Our famed sorceress continued to do what she does best: Take her clothes off, and then do horrible things to people. We don’t quite know what her horrible curse was on Gendry using his blood, but we can only assume it means bad things for Joffrey and Robb Stark (who was not featured this time).

 Daenerys – Over the past few weeks, Daenrys has used her cunning to get an advantage with the Unsullied. This time around, she used her charm to bring in Daario, a lieutenant in the Second Sons willing to kill for her almost immediately.

 Samwell – There was not too much from the world of Sam....and with Bran, Robb, Jon Snow, and Jaime all gone from this episode, Sam has to pick up the slack due to the fact that "2ND SONS" revolved around other key characters in this episode.  The key point to Sam's character was learning what that dagger is for:  KILLING A VERY SPECIFIC BREED OF CREATURE.

 Arya – Save for a moment early on, where it was revealed that Arya is traveling to see Catelyn and Robb, that was really all we had of the Stark girl.  There is a planned wedding going on here, as well …but that’s all we are going to say about a specific episode right now...Watch this one while it lasts.

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