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 ( IN FULL - ENGLISH ) "AND NOW HIS WATCH IS ENDED":  In GOT, Cersei Lannister said that you either win or you die.  Throughout the show's history, some have played the game very well
indeed ( like the Small Council ) and others have played with disastrous results ( Ned Stark, Jon Arryn, Robert and Renly Baratheon ).  The Queen of Thorns Olenna Tyrell and her granddaughter ( future Queen of Westeros ) Margaery seem to be better at playing the game than any of the other great ladies who have been bandied about as Queen.....

 Margaery seems to be conducting a master class on how to win friends and influence people ON THIS EP from her little tour through the dead Kings of Westeros with Joffrey, to her friendly conversation with Sansa during prayer time.  Of course, she learned by watching the best, but sometimes it seems as though she's two steps ahead of the dupes she's manipulating - even someone like Cersei, who can smell the deception in Margaery, can't stop her because she's simply too good at what she does.  She even manages to make Joffrey likable for an entire minute of smiling - and - waving - at - the - small - folk!

 As for Cersei, well... we see just how little regard Tywin Lannister has for his children.  Despite going to war for Tyrion, we saw what Tywin REALLY THINKS of his youngest child...and the little respect he has for Joffrey and Cersei.  Tywin is brilliant as a general, and his knowledge of tactics seems to extend all the way to managerial tips.  When talking with Jaime, he was gutting a deer.  When talking with Tyrion, he was busy writing a letter, and Cersei gets the same treatment this week.....Management 101 says that the best way to show that you're in charge is to never give someone your full attention during a meeting and Tywin Lannister seems willing to do that to everyone, even his kids.

 One of the better ways the show has handled its massive cast is by creating natural pairs and sticking with them. You have small groups, like the Brotherhood Without Banners, Arya / Gendry and The Hound, the remnants of the Night's Watch or the King Beyond The Wall's gathered forces, but when the show pairs off two characters and lets them at one another, that's when the its high writing quality comes to life and while some fans complain that the show doesn't properly adapt the full gigantic literary universe, I think enough of the character elements have been captured and plots preserved to keep the show entertaining both for the knowledgeable nerd and for latecomers like myself.

 However, when you get an episode as packed with as much good character work, writing, fight scenes and brilliant special effects as this one, you don't really need to lean on fan favorites like Tyrion.  Give me a few good shots of the dragons flying around and vast armies on the march, and I'm pretty happy. If we are only to receive little bits of stories throughout an episode, they may as well be the highest of impact ( BTW, KEY - CHARACTERS LIVES ARE NEARING AN END I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW THIS WILL PLAY OFF IN THE SHOW!!! )...EPISODE BELOW...REMOVE THE AD....Hope it plays and watch...while it lasts...


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