Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 //POR RIKI LEE// 3 ABRIL / 13.....

 ( IN FULL - ENGLISH ) "Valar Dohaeris":  Sam heads north of the wall shortly after seeing the white walkers.  He catches up to the surviving members of his party except for Jon Snow...but the rangers’ hopes are dashed when Sam reveals he failed to release the ravens.  The Commander then turns to his men and sets the tone for what I expect heavily in the background for season three - if the rangers’ horrifying story arc involving their arduous journey back to the wall fails, then every person they’ve ever known will be killed by the white walkers...Jon Snow pledges his allegiance to Mance Rayder, King beyond the wall ( in his 1rst series appearance ).  

 We then catch up with Tyrion "THE IMP" Lannister as he worries for his safety in King’s Landing as well as attempting to bargain for the Lannister family home with his father, Tywin....buuuut, Tyrion’s negotiation goes way south of what he had hoped and is last seen with his tail between his legs speaking with Bronn.  I didn’t care for Tyrion giving up so easily to his father.  

 Davos, is rescued at sea following the death of his own son during battle in season 2 only to be thrown in jail ( by Stannis ) due to his direct defiance to the red witch....Sooooo, the Stannis and Davos rocky friendship should prove interesting this year.
 Robb Stark gets to Harrenhal Castle and is greeted with rotting corpses and a bunch of advisors telling him not to imprison his mother, Catelyn Stark.  Perhaps the most bizarre event of the season three premiere was Margaery’s clinic that she put on for Westeros.  I’ve never seen fantasy and politics blend so well....and hell, she could be an american first lady.  Puppet King Joffrey continues to play the one - note character of skinny - fantasy - version of Eric Cartman ( LOL!! ).....and the premiere ends on a high note with the audience following Daenerys´ introduction…which is pretty epic.  We see our beloved Khaleesi standing on the top deck of her ship as her annoyingly - CGI dragons fly, play and fish in the ocean.

 Danaerys ( with Ser Jorah ) pay a visit to THE UNSULLIED:  the perfect army, as she plans to place a bid on the trained mercenary army in order to have a greater force to add to her seasick Dothraki warriors ( explained in detail in the books )....since the Dothraki do not believe in traveling over the seas due to its salt content which is considered poison;  Plus their horses cannot swim in the ocean...so, they pretty much stay on land.  The episode builds to an exciting conclusion following an attempt on the Khaleesi’s life which is thwarted by her father’s failed Commander of the Guard, Barristan Selmy.  His promise to her:  he won’t fail her this time.  Will Ser Selmy stick to his word?  I intend to check in every week for the next ten weeks to hold him to that.  So psyched that GOT started again!!!


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