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//POR RIKI LEE / E-10// 11 JUNIO / 13.....

 ( IN FULL - ENGLISH ) "MHYSA":  Sam and Gilly briefly run into Bran and his crew.  Bran and co. insist on heading NORTH OF THE WALL, while Sam and Gilly head back to Castle Black, where Sam immediately sends off every damn raven they have to tell the realm about the White Walkers.

 Meanwhile, Ygritte finds Jon and shoots him full of arrows ( WHICH PROVES THAT LOVE FøCKING HURTS ) - he also makes it back to Castle Black ( barely, can we all say pin cushion? )...

 In the North, Walder Frey celebrates his victory, while Roose Bolton prepares to take over as Warden of the North.

 We also get confirmation that Theon's captor is Bolton's bastard, Ramsay Snow AND YES, THEON IS TORTURED SOME MORE!!
 Yara Greyjoy decides to rescue her little brother.  Also, Arya goes crazy and gets her stabbity on.

 In King's Landing, all of the Lannisters are miserable.....Tywin continues to try to throw his weight around and Jaime returns home.

 Davos saves Gendry's life by letting Stannis go and then manages to save his own life by showing Stannis and Melisandre Sam's letter ( THAT´S RIGHT, DAVOS CAN READ NOW!!!  IT´S A FRIGGIN MIRACLE!! ).  After seeing it, Melisandre declares Stannis needs to turn his attention to the magical masses of White Walkers in the north and adds that he can keep Davos alive.

 Finally, over in Yunkai, Dany is embraced by the slaves she freed, chanting "Mhysa" which apparently means "MOTHER".....and to be honest, YOU CANNOT TOP THE RED WEDDING....The finale kinda sucked...and with that, WE END SEASON 3....CAN´T WAIT FOR JOFFREY´s DEATH in SEASON 4....

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