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//POR RIKI LEE// 30 ABRIL / 13.....

 ( IN FULL - ENGLISH ) "KISSED BY FIRE":  Jon Snow – The former Night’s Watch member truly swore away his oath by doing Ygritte inside of a cave;

 Jaime and Brienne – We learned the 1rst has been through quite A LOT, and his bathtub scene with Brienne....was somehow beautiful and shocking....

 Robb Stark – While Robb is an honorable man, we’re also learning that he does not know how to play the game.  He punished who he felt to be a traitor by death, but in return he lost many of his soldiers upset about this choice.  He did come up with a new plan though, to take back the original home of the Lannisters, but he needs the help of the very man whose daughter he was meant to marry....

 King’s Landing – There is quite a war brewing OVER SANSA STARK, with Margaery promising her to Loras.  Meanwhile, Littlefinger still wants her for his own and the Lannisters managed to create quite a plan of their own: HAVE TYRION MARRY HER.  Unfortunately, there was only one person who was still very unhappy with this idea and that person is...well, Tyrion....and even more unhappy was Cersei, when she learned that Sansa was to marry Loras, thus giving the Tyrell’s control of the Reach as well as the North.  Tywin is a smart, but very cruel man.

 Arya and Stannis – These two plots were separate, but in some way also linked in a way courtesy of all the LORD OF LIGHT allusions....Personally, I find these to be the dullest stories on the show, since Stannis is a sadsack and Arya seems to be stuck doing little other than getting angry and being dragged around.  The biggest revelations were merely Stannis’ daughter´s friendship with Davos and that the Lord of Light can somehow bring men back to life.
 This series has been the closest thing that I have seen as far as translations from a book or a series of books to TV / MOVIES go....and although "HARRY POTTER" truly does justice to its book counterpart, GOT has been almost word by word and scene by scene faithful to the books....so with that in mind, we are nearing the death of key characters, if they keep on the course that they are taking so far.

 Almost like with "THE WALKING DEAD", key characters that are disliked by many fans will be nearing their end and yes, those characters we do like....will be dying very soon as well....Episode is below...WHILE IT LASTS.


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